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We have located publications of german companies in insolvency proceedings. With our free selection  we offer an overview about publications in insolvency proceedings in Germany.

To get more information about the insolvency proceedings, the status of the company and register data of a german company click on the link behind the company.

How does it work?

Insolvency Proceedings Germany – Search Service

To get quickly information on reports of insolvency of a company. Optionally, a certificate of registration and supervision (monitoring) can be ordered. The monitor automatically delivers all incoming messages to the company and the ongoing bankruptcy proceedings.

Our information services provides the following data:

  • File No. of Insolvency Proceeding
  • Opening Date & Time of the insolvency proceeding
  • Register Court Data
  • Administrator (address and contact details)
  • Additional information (deadlines, dates) depending on the process level
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*Disclaimer and important notice
The selection of insolvency proceedings of german companies reflects publications in proceedings of the last 6 weeks. The listing anounce that a publication in a proceeding was found. The listing of are not made with the purpose to be complete. The listing of gives no information of the actual status of the company and the status of the insolvency proceeding (active, closed a.o.). To get the actual status of the company, we recommend to order the insolvency proceeding service. More information of this service is available by clicking on the companies link. If you are a holder or owner of a listed company and disagree please contact us directly online.

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Company Court Insomeldung Insolvency Filing Documents Trade Register Data Monitoring
Company Court Insomeldung Insolvency Filing Documents Trade Register Data Monitoring

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