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We offer more than 2.900 research services across different topics. For our international clients we offer research services in the fields of

Company Information worldwide
We have access to international company and register databases. We can offer credit and business information on 50 million public and private companies worldwide.

Our clients
With more than 14.000 clients worldwide we provide information to decision makers in different branches and service areas. We are a strong partner for a lot business consultants and attorneys at law.

Who we are – Our company
Since 1991 we see ourself as an innovative service in the area of external consulting, facilitation and providing of information. As an international business we are concentrating on quick communication and innovative technologies. Beside high flexibility and a high capacity for work we are pursuing a great demand of quality concerning the information management.

Using of international services
Ordering information is very easy and like ordering a book or a DVD. You don´t need any experience in researching. Let the information professionals work for you.