How can I check Macedonian company? How to check the legitimacy of your Chinese buyers or partners? Are they a real company? Are there financial information and rating data available? How can I get official data about the company?

However, the risk of doing international business can be very high. Commercial credit reports and company ratings can save you time and effort when faced with critical business decisions. More than 14.000 clients worldwide are using informations services for business information and credit checks worldwide.

Usage of local Partners

In difference of many other services we draw on the expertise of local intelligence providers. These local partners retrieve the data from local offices in Macedonia, register and databases.

Can I see examples of Macedonian credit check reports?

On the service pages you will find examples. Just click on the small cover graphics. You will see example reports.


How does it work?

Very easy. Getting a company check Macedonia including the company report is like ordering a book or a dvd online. In our service system you can order the company check in 2 minutes or less. Just fill out the order form and check out. We will process your request and transform the company check data to you by e-mail.

How can I pay?

We offer for international all mayor credit card payments (VISA, Mastercard, American Express and Diners) and PayPal.

Please feel free to ask – if you need help about company data or credit checks from Macedonia or other countries worldwide. We will assist you! information services is your partner in getting data about companies worldwide. information services provides information to more than 14.000 clients worldwide. Our search experts have access to company reports databases worldwide and use an international network of local agents in more than 50 countries for detailed reports from local registers and sources. The German bases specialized company is working in the field of business information research since 1991.